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Pennsylvania and American German Gravestone Guide

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, East Milton,
Northumberland County, PA - Group 1

Photos Copyright: Leanne Keefer-Bechdel

Morris Lawrence Stone
Morris Lawrence
1683 - 1792
John Keefer Stone
John Keefer
1745 - 1815

Verse on both stones:
Weeks pray my dear friends do not weep
I am not dead but here do sleep
Under this solid lump of clay
Until the Resurrection Day

Note from submitter:
The Keffer family attended the Goshenhoppen church at Bally, Berk's County Pa. (St. Paul's Mission Church of the Most blessed Sacrament). Martin Keffer (1745-1815) son of the immigrant Mathias and A.M. Kaffer moved to Northumberland County prior to 1781 and by 1803 signed off a portion of the farm for Francis Neale and the Roman Catholic church. The first preachers were Jesuit missionaries. This area was closed and abandoned due to the Indian troubles. In 1880 a fire burned most of the town and it's records. The oldest existing headstone is of Morris Lawrence who died June 14 1792 aged 109, father in law of Martin Keffer.
Another branch of this same Kaffer family helped to form the Catholic church at Conewago . This was the mother church of St. Joseph's in East Milton.
Diocese of Harrisburg PA History

Group 1

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